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Debut album by Belgian post-punk outfit Whispering Sons
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Whispering Sons - Waste

The songs on the album were written after the band collectively moved to Brussels in 2016. In between periods of intense touring, they worked hard to translate their new perspectives into their first full album. Feeding on the dynamics of the city, the tracks unveil feelings of alienation and distance.
'The Music From Bagpuss' Original Soundtrack
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The Music From Bagpuss

'The Music From Bagpuss' Original Soundtrack by Sandra Kerr and John Faulkner, out 16th November 2018
Viva Death announce new 'Illuminate' LP
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Viva Death - Illuminate LP

Alternative rock outfit Viva Death has announced they will release their first new album in eight years through Functional Equivalent Records. The 'Illuminate' LP features 14 tracks, set for release in late October. Ahead of that, the band presents the lead single ‘Ready to Go’.
Darto's 'Fundamental Slime' EP with jazz artist Neil Welch
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Darto - Fundamental Slime

Experimental rock outfit Darto have released their new 'Fundamental Slime' EP
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Evan Jewett - Don't Feel To Work

"The best songs came together with little to no effort. I have little recollection of working on them. The bad ones take forever," says Evan Jewett.

Evan Jewett's songs never fall into the incidental traps that songwriters often knowingly or unknowingly fall into. Instead, he intentionally takes a more deliberate route that can look familiar but feels very different. This choice has less to do with aesthetic or image, and more to do with the exploration of his own character through song.
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Musta Paraati - Black Parade

Finnish post-punk legends Musta Paraati will be releasing their first new album in 34 years this October through Cleopatra Records. The 'Black Parade' LP features 11 tracks in English. 10 of these are new and 'The Leader' is a new English rendition of their song ' Johtaja', which released as a single in 1983.

Highly regarded as Finland's premiere post-punk / goth rockers, Musta Paraati was making music before their countrymen Russian Love, Two Witches, and The 69 Eyes. With their own unique sound that is upbeat and with an old school punk attitude, their music gained them cult status in their native Finland, their albums being considered prized contributions to record collections, and also led to touring with other cult bands like Lords of the New Church and Hanoi Rocks.
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The Chills - Snow Bound

The latest postcard from The Chills’ epic journey is an album about “consolidation, re-grouping, acceptance and mortality,” claims the chief Chill. “Hopefully a kind of Carole King ‘Tapestry’ for ageing punks.”
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Neville & Sugary Staple - Rude Rebels

‘Rude Rebels’ is full of original upbeat music with vocal statements on life, fashion, love and morals, plus some smooth reggae vibes. It features brand new songs and recordings from Neville Staple, legendary singer and toaster of The Specials and co-founder of Fun Boy Three, and his partner-in-crime Sugary Staple, as well as former Specials' guitarist Roddy Radiation (a.k.a. Roddy Byers).
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Orchestra Of Spheres - Mirror

Mirror, a double LP and the band's 4th release on Fire Records, is an exploration of energies and atmospheres, from intense futuristic funk and sonic tape assemblages to windswept reflections from a far flung corner of the world. It combines Orchestra of Spheres' ecstatic rhythmic power and ritualistic vocals with an expanded orchestral palette including bassoon, harp, viola, bass clarinet, soprano sax, flute and bowed ektars.
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Hanson Asiedu - Stages

Following a successful 2017 Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, Hanson Asiedu presents his first body of work, aptly named ‘Stages’ – the EP. ‘Stages’ is a 5 track eclectic collection, with styles ranging from the West African Highlife influenced ‘God Of Your Word’, the stripped back acoustic vibes of ‘Easy On Me’, and the soul-funk fusion heard on ‘Lessons You Learn’. Recording the EP was a collaborative effort, with contributions from Nigeria, the United States, Ghana, and the United Kingdom.

Hanson beams, ‘I am very proud of this body of work. It’s taken me a few years to get it together, so it makes it even more of an achievement for me. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve been hopeful, disappointed, even angry at times out of sheer frustration. But all is fair in love and war, and I’ve definitely faced some warfare on this journey.’
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Beauty in Chaos - Finding Beauty in Chaos

‘A new project called BEAUTY IN CHAOS, which involves numerous iconic artists - Wayne Hussey (The Mission), Simon Gallup (The Cure), Robin Zander (Cheap Trick), Al Jourgensen (Ministry), Pete Parada (The Offspring), DUg Pinnick (Kings X), ICE-T (Body Count), Michael Aston (Gene Loves Jezebel - Michael Aston), Michael Anthony (Van Halen) and many more.'

The Death Notes - The Black EP

Hailing from Nottingham, England, The Death Notes...

Tulipomania - Off the Map

‘Off The Map’ is a trance-like dark moody affair with bluesy elements, with Murray’s smoky deep tenor sparingly backed by Gelover’s vocals. 'On the Outside (Spinello Remix)' is a more upbeat offering and is dramatic, dark and dubby. It was created by , a London-based producer and remixer, who also hosts shows on NTS Radio, Resonance FM and New New World, in addition to working at The Wire magazine and DJing as part of The Wire Soundsystem.'
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Donna Zed

I've been trying to connect with Donna for the longest time, but the crazy hours she works and the time zones separating us made the task almost impossible. In a strange turn of events we managed to meet face to face at the most unlikely place, Syntagma square (Athens Greece). Finally, over a Greek ice coffee we had a brilliant talk about music, art, the future, the past, and the great weather we were having in Athens.

When meeting with an artist for the first time you usually set your expectations low so you don't disappoint yourself, sometimes this is indeed the case, however Donna over exceeded my expectations, proving to me that she is not only a very talented artist, but a person of substance as well.

Donna Zed, Singer, Composer, Musician, Photographer, Model, all these and more... My first encounter with Donna was with one of her early tracks; "Into the Dark", where the use of piano and violin with the melancholic sound of Donna's voice mix to a perfect harmony.

Donna recorded several tracks since "Into the Dark", but the one that triggered my interest was "Morphine", a track that reaches deep into your soul.

The latest track Donna released is called "My Voice", and it's exactly what one who knows Donna expects, a perfectly balanced melody complimenting the well thought-out lyrics.

Donna Zed is definitely an artist to follow, look for her tracks on all major streaming sites and right here on 829.gr

Demetre - 829

Paul LeRocq: Rock to the top"

"During years of effort in the music biz and after five months and a couple of weeks, I´m still participating in my first Top 30 in Radio Treffers from South Africa and wanted to share this special moment with all of you. NUMBER 1 this week in the contest!"

Nova Flares - Gut Splinter

"Slow-Building. Explosive. Passionate. I imagined beautiful explosions in the sky when i was making this song…. & maybe methodical love making at some point. I wanted a gut feeling of satisfaction at the end, so that’s what I aimed for," says Jason Wagers.
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Fred Abong - Homeless

“I find the process of songwriting totally mysterious. Beyond a general feeling of 'fullness' that sometimes shows up when I have a guitar in my hand or even when I'm just walking, I couldn't explain where the inspiration comes from, either for a song or anything else that is filed under 'art'. I do, however, get images that are then translated into words or lyrics (hopefully, the 'right' words) as well as into rhythmic melodies,” says Abong.

Dentist - Night Swimming

Formed in 2013 amidst the oceanfront urban landscape of Asbury Park, Dentist's sound combines the freedom of the beach atmosphere and the urgency of the city into a fuzzed out, surf punk-tinged brand of indie pop with hooks and infectious melodies to spare. Emily Bornemann's vocals are countered by the band's sometimes aggressive, but always addictive sound.

The Pull of Autumn

Nicholas Merz - The Limits Of Men

"This record has been swimming in my mind since my teen years. My mother and father were in country bands, and as much as I tried to run away from it when I was younger because it symbolized all the bigoted, sexist rednecks that I grew up with, I eventually secretly embraced it by my teen years," explains Nicholas Merz.

Palm Ghosts - Insomnia

Searmanas - Undo

Searmanas' sound explores the role of ceremony within urban experience, resulting in severe, textured landscapes with touches of sparse vocals. Her wordless poetry ranges from industrial glitches to layered, oceanic progressions, all tied together by an aura of questioning and chaos. Her music is inspired by early Aphex Twin, Ryuichi Sakamoto, early Tori Amos, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Grouper, FKA Twigs and Fever Ray.

Poptone - Go

 “It's been quite a remarkable journey so far! We as a band have been overwhelmed by our Kevin Haskins. loyal following turning up in big numbers and celebrating all the music we have made over the past forty years. "We love our audience!,” says Kevin Haskins.

Kristin Hersh - Breathe In

Jübl - Thinking Sweet EP

Soft Science - Maps - Undone

Good Life by Olaedo Ibe feat Leke & Becca Folkes

Bizarre - Necro

In Her Eye

In Her Eye - Change

Stella Diana

Stella Diana - 57

Stolen Apple - Daydream new video clip

Disconnected Genius - Nirvikalpa Meow

Richard James Simpson - Roller

Blade of Grass - Looks so Good

Shoggy Tosh feat Juliette Farrell - Maa Maa

Χριστιανικό Rap.

Amusement Parks On Fire

Dose - Furniture

Συγκρότημα από τη Μεγάλη Βρετανία.


Συγκρότημα post-punk από την Εσθονία.

Rettward von Doernberg Stay A While

Μουσικός και συνθέτης μουσικής New Age από το Βερολίνο.

Poison Fang by VAST ASTEROID"

Pia Fraus - Mountain Trip Guide (Single Version)

Brand X Music - Hourglass (Epic Intense Emotional Orchestral)

Max Cameron - Fira (Epic Intense Powerful Orchestral)


Lullabies To Sleep (feat. Irene Makri)

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